Getting Motivated

Spent this weekend getting familiar with Starling as I’ve decided to develop games in ActionScript in order to be able to reach the widest audience with the least amount of work on my part. So far so good. I am currently working on a “world” generator for the first game I plan to create. Ah and that brings me to my next point.

Taking cues from the likes of RegularKid, InXile, and Mojang (in no particular order of course), I plan on having the gaming community actively involved in the entire process. You reading this post have the opportunity to be my boss! I will come up with a very simple beginning of a game, and then the rest is up to those of you who have taken an interest. Want giant laser-sword wielding octopi in the game, you got it! Just make sure to let me know :) Input can be sent to me 4 different ways. First, you can follow me here and after two weeks (I’d make it less if I could figure out how to do so without opening myself up to spam) start leaving comments on posts. Secondly, you can send me a shout on Twitter, @bluebettagames. Thirdly, you can check us out on Facebook. And lastly you can also send me an email at bluebettagames on gmail.

So far my idea for the first game is that you’ll pilot around a submarine in a procedurally generated world. Beyond that, time and input from you guys are the only limits. I will get something out on the web and to the various mobile app stores as soon as I can. Can’t wait to start working for you!

Cheers, Kelly Monroe

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